The Dark Meditation Experiment

This 11 Track debut album is a movement to break the idea of meditation and purity. It's to represent distortion & Zen, Yin & Yang,  two contrary forces complimentary, interdependent and fiercely beautiful. 

lojal: Phase

Let down Ft. Banrap Lyngdoh

Maaya x District E come together to create a music video for Track no. 7 'Let Down' off Lojal's debut album Phase, featuring shillong based rapper Banrap Lyngdoh. 

Dishaan: Hi

About The Release

Dishaan's debut 6 Track EP 'Hi'  is an experimental electronic/pop rendition of shifting energies that began with simply an idea of a drum beat developing into an unfamiliar blueprintless experience. With the use of recording analog synths like OB, the Voyager and the Peak, the 17 minute long EP is a personal journey translated into sounds that incorporate field recordings of different birds and beaches.

Each song flows effortlessly into the next, simultaneously inviting the listener into the artist’s memory cortex. 

The EP was Produced & Mixed by Dishaan Gidwani & Nisthula Murphy at Maaya Sound. Further Mixing & Mastering took place at Space Cat Studio, Mumbai.


pop art

Artwork by Krupali Patil & Bani Khurana

Dishaan - Hours (Music Video)

‘Hours’ is a single from Dishaan's experimental electronic/pop album ‘Hi’ released with Maaya Sound. The video is a Maaya Sound x District E Collaboration shot in Pune and Alibaug. Conceptualised on an electric kool-aid frenzy on a long drive to the Grand Canyon. The video can broadly be divided into three acts, all corresponding with the different mental states of our protagonist. 

lojal - ecstasy (live)

A live music video of lojal performing a track from his second album, which is set to release late 2020. The video is produced by Maaya Sound, lojal & District E

District E is an Audio Visual Collective based in Mumbai, India that frequently works with established musicians, brands and creatives.


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