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A record label formed by a collective of sound engineers and musicians based in India creating material in all genres of music for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. We also distribute and curate works made by artists across various genres. 

Our aim is to publish and accompany every piece of art with all the emphasis and detail it needs to give both the artist and the audience a fulfilling experience, delivering the result the artist intended. In commercial circumstances, to use the collective skillset to fulfill the requirements.

With individuals from different areas of the music creation process, we assist in composition, recording, production, mixing and mastering. We are also in collaboration with Space Cat Studios, Mumbai by Tamzid Rahman, A studio with high fidelity audio equipment for electronic music production, mixing and mastering purposes. They have all the solutions for any requirements a Client or Artist would have, ranging from modular synthesis to high end mastering. 

On the music publishing end, we are independent and we let the artist stay independent. All the rights and royalties belong to the artist.