Having picked up the guitar at the age of 11, Pune based singer/songwriter Dishaan’s musical journey since can be categorised as one that lies in the realms of resuscitation and experimentation. Embracing the eternal human craving of reinventing the self, Dishaan traverses through an electronic/pop soundscape with the guitar and keys as his preferred choice of instruments. While his first three releases ‘Silence’, ‘Too Dark’ and ‘Don’t Talk About It’  helped him get a scholarship at the premier music college Berklee in 2015, he has since been fastidious with the release of 3 singles, ‘Hammock’, ‘Chemical Compound’ and ‘Sugar Rush’ and recently released his 6 track debut EP named ‘Hi’. Dishaan has performed at several venues such as Swig, High, Euriska and Sofar in Pune and is currently planning a tour around India.


Dishaan - Hi

About his Debut EP

'Hi' is an experimental electronic/pop rendition of shifting energies that began with simply an idea of a drum beat developing into an unfamiliar blueprintless experience. With the use of recording analog synths like OB, the Voyager and the Peak, the 17 minute long EP is a personal journey translated into sounds that incorporate field recordings of different birds and beaches. Each song flows effortlessly into the next, simultaneously inviting the listener into the artist’s memory cortex. The EP was Produced & Mixed by Dishaan Gidwani & Nisthula Murphy at Maaya Sound. Further Mixing & Mastering took place at Space Cat Studio, Mumbai.




Song No. 4 off Dishaan's Debut EP; 'Hi'

A Maaya Sound x District E collaboration 



Chemical Compound