Maaya Sound
Maaya Sound

Piyush Bhisekar

Piyush Bhisekar is a poet turned songwriter turned singer! His songs will take you to the most vulnerable and emotional moments and make you experience the nostalgia along with the feeling of being loved!  Be it Piano or guitar his melodies will surely hold you forever.

He has been nominated for prestigious Independant Music Awards 2019 in World Music Category, 'World Best EP' for his debut EP Hai Bharosa. He writes and sings in Hindi/Urdu and you cannot resist to relate. 


Hai Bharosa

It's a collection of six songs stringed in a way which will take you on a journey of personal deep rooted experiences. It's about Love and believing in whatever makes you happy! 

Storytelling, Poetry and conversations from your life is what you'll find here. Gathering 300+k streams in just 4 months of its release.



Past Performances


Unwind, Pune
Pagdandi Chai Book Cafe, Pune

High Spirits Pune

The Car Cafe Studio, Mumbai

The Hive              


Sofar, Pune

Sofar, Goa

Sofar, Bangalore

House Concert, Delhi

House Concert, Pune

Cultural Festivals

IIM Bangalore

Bits Pilani Hyderabad

MIT Pune

IIT Bombay