Blue Flocks

Blue Flocks is the duo's debut release. The single is an ambient piece with a growing structure. Featuring organic sounds as well as intricately designed modular synthesis and other electronic sounds, they create a magical soundscape with evolving elements.


Past Releases

Leap Of Faith / Disappear


This EP by DIVERSION AHEAD. is an example of the producer's range and understanding of sonic structures & soundscapes. The EP also features Ranchi based The Mellow Turtle on Track no. 2 of the EP.

A Deep Loss Of Soul


Jay Kshirsagar's debut album is one that experiments and uses different tones, sounds, spaces, compositions and concepts to create a sound that's never been heard before.



Entropy by Gautham Hebbar is a Piano Composition in an odd time signature of 7/5 which is an uplifting yet relaxing experience for the interest.



This track by feugo gave way to a different sound that the artist creates with their own palette. The bright soundscapes and syncopated rhythm are the soul of 'Arka'



Dishaan's first release is a guitar centric composition that breaks the conventional song structure. It incorporates differently kinds of synthesis, sampling to create new soundscapes & experimental sounds.



Feugo's first release with Maaya, the bass heavy track is driven by an intuitive rhythmic structure and powerful melodies.