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Flex Machina : Blue Flocks



Feugo Memoria


Feugo's & Maaya's first release, this bass heavy track is driven by an intuitive rhythmic structure and powerful melodies.

Listen: https://ampl.ink/gqMp5

Feugo Arka


The next track by Fuego gave way to a different sound that the artist creates with his palette, one that is more bright, aptly named Arka.

Listen: https://ampl.ink/7aRKQ

Dishaan Hammock


Dishaan's first single to be put out on stores. Hammock is a guitar centric composition that breaks the conventional song structure. It incorporates different synthesized soundscapes & experimental electronic sounds. 

Listen: https://ampl.ink/gGQ6O

Gautham Hebbar Entropy


Entropy by Gautham Hebbar is a piano composition in an odd time signature of 7/8 which is an uplifting yet relaxing experience for the listener. 

Listen: https://ampl.ink/WLDap

Jay Kshirsagar A Deep Loss Of Soul


Jay Kshirsagar's debut album is one that experiments with and fuses different tones, sounds, voices, compositions and concepts to create a sound that's never been heard before.

Listen: https://ampl.ink/d2rjp

DIVERSION AHEAD. Leap Of Faith/ Disappear


This EP by  DIVERSION AHEAD. is an example of the producer's range and understanding of sonic structures & soundscapes. The EP also features Ranchi based artist The Mellow Turtle on Track no. 2: "Disappear".

 We at Maaya are excited to publish this piece of work for the artist and look forward to future releases!

Listen: https://ampl.ink/dpVNZ